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A simple video about how our small actions can spread love and change the world; or, at least, someone's world.


Malay courses can allow more Malay compatriots to participate in learning, growing, finding the mission of the work and the meaning of the work.


A special appreciation video for th one & only Emart MD; Mr. Ngu Ting Sii, also the founder and biggest supporter of ShangDao.



Our mission: Create a culture for the enterprise, for commercial sermons

Business concept: the pursuit of material and spiritual aspects of happiness at the same time, through the dissemination of education, for enterprises, society and the country to contribute.



How to stimulate all employees together to achieve high goals, how to create high-margin business.

​名家访谈-Money Game


What does money game bring to society? How to work hard to run their own business?

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